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How to Stop Time

Matt Haig

August 18, 2017
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Aging slower than the rest of humanity, Tom Hazard appears to be 41, but is actually over 400 years old. This is a well written love story full of old fashioned romance and a yearning for a happy ending, yet the time twist means Tom is an outsider. Always changing his identity and location to avoid detection, Tom becomes a history teacher. This role enables him to bring alive the tales of the past to classes of present day schoolchildren. He is discovered by a group who claim to have his best interests at heart … but do they? A bittersweet story told with compassion and a gentle humour about losing and finding yourself, the certainty of change and living for the now. Even before publication this book was in development for big screen adaptation, starring and produced by Benedict Cumberbatch!

The award-winning author Matt Haig, whose oeuvre includes the Sunday Times bestseller Reasons to Stay Alive, published his new novel How to Stop Time in July 2017. A life-affirming story about the certainty of change. Already read and loved by CCB readers!

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