To Cook a Bear

Mikael Niemi | Quercus Publishing | Hardback


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In stock

“An original and gripping crime story” THE TIMES “A riveting, psychologically astute mystery . . . It is not to be missed” BOOKLIST It is 1852, and in Sweden’s far north, deep in the Arctic Circle, charismatic preacher and Revivalist Lars Levi L stadius impassions a poverty-stricken congregation with visions of salvation. But local leaders have reason to resist a shift to temperance over alcohol. Jussi, the young Sami boy L stadius has rescued from destitution and abuse, becomes the preacher’s faithful disciple on long botanical treks to explore the flora and fauna. L stadius also teaches him to read and write – and to love and fear God. When a milkmaid goes missing deep in the forest, the locals suspect a predatory bear is at large. A second girl is attacked, and the sheriff is quick to offer a reward for the bear’s capture. Using early forensics and daguerreotype, L stadius and Jussi find clues that point to a far worse killer on the loose, even as they are unaware of the evil closing in around them. To Cook a Bear explores how communities turn inwards, how superstition can turn to violence, and how the power of language can be transformative in a richly fascinating mystery. “Superb suspense . . . Simply a great literary experience!” V.G. (Sweden) “A masterpiece of narrative” La Vanguardia (Spain) “A philosophical novel, a crime novel, a historical novel and a coming-of-age story complement one another” La Stampa (Italy) “One is transported into a strange time and a fascinating world that is both beautiful and brutal” Politiken (Denmark) “Formidable delivery . . . Unlike anything else you have read . . . An incredible novel” Adresseavisen Translated from the Swedish by Deborah Bragan-Turner

ISBN: 9780857058928