Times How To Crack Cryptic Cross 2nd Ed

Tim Moorey | HarperCollins Publishers | Paperback


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In stock

Quiz your family at home with crosswords, puzzles and games. An updated edition from expert crossword setter and experienced tutor, Tim Moorey, including 24 brand-new annotated practice crosswords. Cryptic crosswords are no longer the preserve of the elite: in this easy-to-use guide, Tim demonstrates that anyone who enjoys words and word play can learn to solve a cryptic crossword clue. With clear pictorially presented explanations for many clues, you can revel in the deep satisfaction that comes from finishing cryptic crossword puzzles. Designed to apply to the solving of any cryptic crossword, this book develops and expands Tim’s first book, How to Master The Times Crossword, and is designed to guide the cryptic crossword beginner to an enriched solving experience. * 24 clearly annotated practice puzzles from different newspaper and magazine sources * Many new hints and tips to help every solver * Greatly expanded lists e.g. of those all-important abbreviations you should know * 10 top tips from a champion solver on how to tackle a typical daily cryptic * Up-to-date sections on the latest help available online eg smartphone and tablet apps * In-depth and clear explanations of every clue and puzzle answer * Suitable for children as an introduction to cryptics

ISBN: 9780008285579