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Chicken House | Paperback

Published: 4 April 2019

Chicken House | Paperback

Published: 4 April 2019

Pog | Pádraig Kenny

David and Penny arrive in a strange new home in a forest. Other creatures live here – magical creatures – like Pog. He’s one of the First Folk, tasked with protecting the boundary between the worlds. But David is drawn into the forest, lured by a darker entity, who tells him there’s a way he can bring his dead mother back…

An old house in the forest’s heart.
A family broken by loss.
A grief so dark it brings monsters.
And a promise by one small creature.

“Pog is here. Pog is waiting. Come, face Pog if you dares.”

This is a book about a brother and sister wrestling with their grief, and finding the love and courage to let go. It’s a book about monsters who have a dangerous hunger for human emotions and memories, and the cracks in our world that let them in. And it has a totally unforgettable character at its heart: Pog. He’s small, furry and sworn to protect, and we guarantee you’re going to love him.

Pádraig is the author of bestselling Tin – a science fiction adventure about robots and humanity, set in an alternate version of 1930s England. Pog is a dark fantasy adventure with fairy-tale qualities, set in the present day, which we reckon will confirm Pádraig as a rising star in middle-grade fiction.

The gorgeous, atmospheric cover illustration is by Jane Newland, and the design by Helen Crawford-White.