Not One Of Us


Mint Press | Hardback

Published: 26 October 2018



Not One Of Us | Todd Gray

Individuals set apart by choice, circumstances, crowds or the mob in Exeter, 1451 – 1952

Campaigners Traitors Macaronis Royals Murderers Suffragettes Eccentrics Zealots Actors Cannibals Spies Fifth Columnists Heroes Prostitutes Rioters Reformers Lepers Bolsheviks Aliens

A study of several hundred individuals who were singled out in Exeter, of people who were considered not one of us.

These examples span six centuries and detail the lives of a range of individuals.  Some were celebrated while others were derided, some banished and a few executed.  Chance, circumstance and choice played a part in bringing people to public fame or notoriety.  Combinations of politics, religion, crime, war, illness and independent thinking played a crucial part in separating certain individuals from the rest in Exeter.  Heroes and villains are included as well as many other people who were neither one nor the other.  Crowds, mobs, local and national governments, the churches and vested interests have all been responsible for singling out individuals considered to be problematic, inconvenient, belligerent or awkward.