Jinks O’Hare Funfair Repair


Oxford University Press | Paperback

Published: 4 May 2017



Jinks O’Hare Funfair Repair | Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre

Emily loves living on Funfair Moon – especially when she gets to help Jinks & O’Hare, the extraordinary repair team. But when chaos strikes during a crucial funfair inspection, Emily has to act fast. Can she deal with a violent fudgesplosion, a gravity inversion, and a marauding candyfloss creature? Or does this spell doom for Funfair Moon?

Another fantastic romp from the authors of Pugs of the Frozen North. Funfair Moon has the highest helter skelters, the longest roller coasters, the bounciest trampolines and the most delicious candyfloss in the entire galaxy. Jinks and O’Hare, the repair men, keep everything running smoothly until one day chaos strikes.

Can Emily help Jinks and O’Hare save the day?