I Am Cat


Frances Lincoln Children’s Books | Hardback

Published: 6 September 2012

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I Am Cat | Jackie Morris

I am cat. At night I prowl, but in the day I sleep, curled in warm places, ammonite tight. And when I sleep I dream…….

And what else would a cat dream about other than being a tiger in the deep green jungle or a snow leopard, high on the roof of the world.

Much help was given during the making of this book by the six cats who at that time lived with me. Watching them walking and sleeping and just being cats was the inspiration for this book. Watching them and trying to imagine, as paws and whiskers and tail twitched in dreaming, what it might be that a small cat might dream about.

At the back of the book there are facts about the small cat’s big relatives. Had there been more space there would have been more facts. For about cats there is just so very much to know.