How to Live: The groundbreaking lifestyle guide to keep you healthy, fit and fre

Professor Rober Thomas | Short Books Ltd | Paperback


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THE SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE LIFESTYLE CHANGES WHICH WILL BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY AND HELP YOU LIVE A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE… How many of us really understand how what we eat, where we work and even what deodorant we use are affecting our long-term health? In How to Live, Professor Robert Thomas, one of Britain’s leading oncologists and an expert in integrating nutritional and lifestyle strategies into cancer treatment, gives us the facts about everything from diet and exercise to sleep and sunbathing. This book doesn’t just offer advice, it outlines in detail the underlying chemical pathways of our lifestyle choices As Thomas explains, through achievable changes to our daily routine we can improve the expression of our genes – helping us beat the odds of cancer and chronic disease. We discover, for example, why drinking a glass of red wine after sunbathing can reduce lasting skin damage; and why some houseplants are more effective than others in removing air toxins. This is a health bible for life. Whether you are in your 20s or 70s, it will help you to empower your body against ageing and degenerative disease and live at maximum strength.

ISBN: 9781780724188