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Emma Carroll Oct BoTM


October 2019

The Somerset Tsunami

Emma Carroll

Somerset 1616, a place of suspicion, witches and tooth-pullers, where brave heroine Fortune Sharpe loves the sea almost as much as she loves her family. So she is the first to notice that the sea looks strange… Almost as if it is disappearing into the sky. Fortune is forced to leave her home and find work disguised as a boy, the life she has known and loved is turned upside down by the need to live on her wits and by a devastating wave, which wreaks havoc on her landscape.

The main characters in this story are strong individuals who leap from the page in a world which feeds on suspicion, self-aggrandizement and fear of anything ‘unusual’, where their quirks soon lead them into danger.

Set in north Somerset during the reign of King James I, The Somerset Tsunami weaves witch hunts, sugar trading (and its wider implications), Jacobean dentistry and a massive flood – which some experts believe may have been a tsunami – into a gripping story of courage and loyalty.

The Somerset Tsunami is October Book of the Month and Emma Carroll‘s tenth novel, bringing her native county vividly to life and cementing her reputation as a queen of historical fiction.

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