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Black History Month 2017

October 20, 2017 | Blog > News > Black History Month 2017

Black History Month 2017 banner

CCB invited local educator, activist and Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow Malcolm Richards to curate a special selection of books celebrating Black History Month 2017. CCB are proud to have a wide selection of books in the shop all year round and are excited to see which books Malcolm has selected.

The Good Immigrant Front Cover

The Good Immigrant

Nikesh Shukla (Editor)

THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Ground breaking, risk taking, earth shaking. I repeat, THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Front Cover

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Maya Angelou

A first volume autobiography by one of the 21st century’s great writers. An important, complex and rich view of racial prejudice in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. Very raw and visceral imagery, disturbing and emotive descriptions of the horrors endured by African-American women, alongside and the ways prejudice affects individuals. Beautifully written.

The Buddha of Surburbia Front Cover

The Buddha of Suburbia

Hanif Kureshi

Kureishi’s debut novel remains an important time capsule for teenage life in 1970s London, confronting racial politics at a time when immigrants were treated as intruders on British soil, with the Asian-British protagonist challenged by questions of identity and a sense of belonging. A fresh and timely read in a time when young people struggle to find their place in modern Britain.

Hidden Figures Front Cover

Hidden Figures

Margot Lee Shetterly

A story hidden over 50 years, Hidden Figures finally acknowledges the significant contributions of three African-American women who defied sexism, racism and segregation to become the “computers”, making calculations that helped send Alan Shepard and John Glenn into orbit and back to Earth again.

Gold from the Stone Front Cover

Gold from the Stone

Lemn Sissay

A Black British poet with a lived experience that informs and guides his work, Lemn’s writing is always bold and personal. This collection references race, the government, social services, relationships and much, much more. One of our nation’s best loved voices.

Noughts and Crosses Front Cover

Noughts and Crosses

Malorie Blackman

Written by former Children’s Laureate, Noughts and Crosses is a wonderfully crafted and gripping read, referencing Romeo and Juliet, alongside themes of class while addressing race, prejudice and romance. Perfect for teenagers.

Devon and the Slave Trade Front Cover

Devon and the Slave Trade

Todd Gray

From slave trading, plantations, abolition and emancipation, this key text dedicated to exploring how Devon had a critical role in the Transatlantic slave trade that has shaped Black Britain. Uncomfortable yet fascinating academic writing.

About Malcolm Richards

Malcolm Richards Head Shot

Malcolm Richards is an educator, activist and Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow with significant experience working across the United Kingdom education landscape. Malcolm has written and spoken on community and inclusive education for many organisations including Goldsmiths University, Anti University, Camp Bestival, the Royal Society of Arts and for the National Union of Teachers. He lives and teaches in Devon.

Come into the shop and see Malcolm’s curated list or order from us online here.