About Us

More than a bookshop...

We are part of the fabulous indie booksellers' network and as a social enterprise we are committed to finding creative ways to support community projects. From inspiring school children with stories (and the authors who write them) to providing skills training and improved employability to projects reducing rural social isolation and investing in other community ventures.

Every book we sell contributes to the success of our mission to encourage thriving communities and nurture a love of books and reading.
Brilliant books can change lives!

Our shop

From our High Street shop we sell new books as well as a selection of book-related products including games, puzzles and stationery. Our vouchers make the perfect gift for book-lovers of all ages!

Buying a book or voucher from us means you are supporting an independent bookshop that invests in outreach programmes, workshops, events, volunteering, literacy schemes and fosters the possibility of much more!

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How we are run

The Crediton Community Bookshop (CCB) plan began in 2012 with two community meetings which shaped the aims of the enterprise. With the help of the Plunkett Foundation we founded an Independent Provident Society (company registration no. IP031718) and launched a community share issue. Funds were raised, agreements signed and tenancies arranged, and then we could open for business.

Our 300+ shareholders and our wider community inform our progress and development, submitting ideas by calling into the shop or contacting us by email or phone. These are raised with our staff and brought to the Board which meets quarterly to review progress and discuss future development. To ensure we are fulfilling our objectives we work with focus groups, shareholders & participants to provide feedback. At our AGM our shareholders are also invited to scrutinise the accounts and elect board members.

Day-to-day activities

are managed by our paid staff and fantastic team of volunteers who help with administrative and maintenance tasks, outreach activities, and help in the shop. Many projects are guided by our volunteers' strengths and passions.

The success of Crediton Community Bookshop so far is clearly due to tremendous support from our community. We are excited about the continuing and evolving project and hope that you are too!